Shanth (sh-ôn-th) Enjeti is a narrative and portrait artist as well as an Assistant Professor at Montserrat College of Art in the Illustration and Foundation departments. Shanth was also a Senior Critic at Rhode Island School of Design for 15 years. Shanth earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Rhode Island School of Design and also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration.

Shanth has worked as an illustrator, designer, lecturer, and consultant for a variety of clients both international and domestic. Shanth’s work has also been featured in several books on the field of art and design, and Shanth's lecture on his character design theory has been presented at MIT, Wellesley College, Microsoft Games, Turbine Inc., and Hasbro.

Shanth lives in historic Bristol, Rhode Island with his wife Lauren and their twins Aidan and Priya. He has a studio in the nearby town of Warren where he continues to create his artwork.