Montserrat College of Art is my academic home. In 2013 I accepted an Assistant Professorship at Montserrat College of Art, although my career at Montserrat began with my first teaching post in 2003. I fell in love with the college and the community and I truly enjoy sharing my passion for the culture that Montserrat has engendered and nurtured for 45 years.


The Montserrat experience is personal, responsive, and deeply enriching. Working with students in smaller classes allows me to utilize the individualized approach to education that both I and the college are known for. This approach benefits from a collaboration with colleagues across many concentrations.


Access and mentorship are the keys to any learning environment and at most visual arts colleges the demands of larger student bodies and the desire to maintain smaller class sizes result in too many students competing for too few resources. A Montserrat student will receive unparalleled individualized mentorship and access to resources.


Montserrat's resources include the Paul M. Scott Library and its reference quality books and Wunderkammer. When these resources are utilized in conjunction with our faculty's mentoring, the results are unequivocal. 

Montserrat Illustration student sketches by Kristin Leigh '16

Montserrat Illustration student artwork by Ciaran Gaffney '15

 Montserrat Illustration student artwork by Amanda Prather '15

Montserrat Illustration student artwork by Thomas Wakely '14